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The Allied MG series CNC is a medium to heavy duty machine in the 4'x 4' to 6' x12' range (larger on request) to suite the day-in, day-out demands of today's production. The specifications of these machines which are made exclusively for us in North America with North American parts are controlled by Allied Machinery Inc.

All of the controls used on the Allied CNC's are known for their ease of use, almost unlimited file size capacity and ability to use most any CAD/CAM software packages so you never get locked into unneccesarily complicted and more expensive less robust CAD/CAM packages.

We truly believe there is no better value for dollar machine on the market today. 


Our newest and most economical fixed table CNC has outperformed even our expectations. With the space saving advantage of the fixed table machine we incorporate a standard 8 position automatic tool changer, CAD/CAM software, vacuum table plumbed in a 5'X10' frame, vacuum pump a Centroid or Siemens control. With other controls available upon request. 

Proudly Made in Canada

Our Auto Load/Unload Machine is a fast and simple way to get the high produciton you need out of your machines.  Our system will not only load and unload the material for you it also has an auto square function that takes even more of the work away from the operator. The Auto Load/Unload machine comes standard with an Osai control, Vacuum pump and automatic tool changer.

Allied Auto Load

 Short Load / Unload Video

The K-series router is made of Welded tubular steel, with a phenolic vacuum table and precision profiled rails and dual axis rotating ballnuts.  The machine runs industry standard G-code and is compatiable with most CAD/CAM systems. With 3D 3-axis and continuous contouring your parts will come out ready to assemble.


All our machines all come complete with the most easy to use Cad/Cam systems installed and ready to operate with Internet ready access to help immediately in even the most remote locations.

With speeds in excess of 1000"/min. available as well as 32mm drill's and laser attachments this is truly a versatile machine you will never outgrow.

These machines can all be configured to your specific requirements with consideration for your future needs and expansions. Additional airslides or axis can be pre-wired in anticipation of upgrades or flexibility.


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