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Allied Machinery offers many different software options for you production needs. If you don't see what you're looking for don't hesitate to contact us so we can help you find the correct software to match your needs.


KCD Software



Programming in the CNC industry is changing rapidly along with the requirements expected of most CNC operators. If you are in the business of producing kitchens or closests it's almost impossible to not go with KCD software.  
KCD software gives you easy to use software with dazzling finishes.  KCD not only gives you the files needed to cut your kitchen it also gives you great marketing potential by allowing you to show your customer what their finished kitchen will look like.

There are two options for KCD

- The One Button machining which will do all the work needed to create the nested G-code to run on your CNC machine.  

- The CNC Linker creates a DXF file you can import into your favorite CAM software.


BobCAD/CAM If you are looking for a full CAD/CAM program BobCAD may be the program you're looking for.  BobCAD has many options available for it.  There is BobNEST which lets you increase profitability giving you higher yields on your nesting jobs. We have BobART which will let you to turn pictures and CAD files into embossed models easily and affordably.  For more information just follow this link BobCAD info.



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